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Samsung Galaxy S8 G950f Free 'guarantee'bill'- Gift Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S8 G950f Free 'guarantee'bill'- Gift Accessories
Samsung Galaxy S8 G950f Free 'guarantee'bill'- Gift Accessories
Samsung Galaxy S8 G950f Free 'guarantee'bill'- Gift Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S8 G950f Free 'guarantee'bill'- Gift Accessories   Samsung Galaxy S8 G950f Free 'guarantee'bill'- Gift Accessories
Ideal, original gift box more than 300 units sold in. 40 days, the last units for sale. Spanish, includes samsung pay, bixby and network compatibility and software updates.

Only 20 units for sale. Colors available black, silver, grey orchid. Comes with original headphones, charger and usb cable, gift cover, tempered glass, sim extractor, stylus and kit to clean the mobile (sealed accessories).

You won't find a better mobile money and tranquility of a store with warranty. With the bill on your behalf to face the warranty!

To place an order, please specify the number of mobile messaging nacex. They send you a text message, it is called to arrange the delivery ...

One day you have to go home. Don't miss this opportunity. Welcome to the linfini screen! The revolutionary design of galaxy s8 and s8 starts from the inside. Every component of the smartphone has been redefined to cross the boundaries of your screen, rejecting us frames.

So what you see will be contained and nothing else. Enjoy the largest, immersive screen made for a mobile device that you can hold with your hand.

Galaxy s8 and s8 - you free frame limits, giving you a smooth and uninterrupted surface that flows across their borders. Most cameras work better day. But our life is 24 hours, seven days a week. For this reason, the room of the galaxy s8 and s8 works both day and night. This way you can enjoy completely sharp and bright images with front and rear cameras on your smartphone, even in low light.

In addition, effective mechanisms that prevent unwanted intrusions, while it remains convenient that have been integrated with you. The galaxy s8 and s8 counts with retina to airtight security scanner facial recognition to unlock your phone instantly and a high degree of preventive security that will always be alert. Downloading, downloading your smartphone and changing one app to another are tasks you'll have quickly thanks to the most advanced 10 nm processor: is the first in the world and is in the galaxy s8 and s8. And as galaxy s8 and s8 are intended to receive fluids and splashes from spills, you can continue to use it in the rain or in the shower.

You can use voice, text or a key to say what you need, because your galaxy s8 and s8 means all three. When you can't find the words, the device and bixby will look for you.

It is integrated into all the elements of the galaxy s8 and s8, being able to saquit tasks that you normally have on your phone, as well as in a constant learning so that the experience will always get better. The end of the edges.

The linfini screen is an incredible end-to-end screen, resulting in a smooth surface without bumps or angles. And it occupies the entire front of the phone, in perfect harmony with its aluminum body. As a result, a different object, curved and symmetrical.

A big screen that feels small. As soon as have in your hand, pareciaras its soft curves and you will notice how comfortable that result, making you dive into your content instantly.

Perfectly symmetrical, galaxy s8 and s8 - have a uniform shape. The rear camera fits perfectly with the surface, offering a much more relaxed visual profile. Write while watching a movie or create a shopping list when browsing the internet. You can multitask more efficiently with its larger screen, in addition to being able to choose what you want to focus just by changing the size of the windows. And when you find something that catches your eye, you can read on and do less scrolling. Navigation buttons do differ by physicists before, not just that they are now hidden until you need them. Where the start button is always, and you can use it as always by pressing it. A camera designed for every day.

It captures your life, as it happens with your galaxy s8 and the s8-camera. Its 12-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front are as accurate and fast as you don't waste a moment, day or night. Turns on selfie cameras and beam photos that want to share them all. Smart auto focus recognizes faces, so that you use your arm or stick-selfie, everyone in the photo will focus. And a better multi-frame image processing saves all your crisp selfies and clear.

Darkness is no obstacle to traserade galaxy s8 and s8 camera. Lens f 1.7 and the 1.4m provide more light when there is not enough. What you see is what you can have in your photo.

When you are fast enough to capture a moment, you need to quetucamara be just as fast. Sharpens as easily as your eyes, using its dual pixel sensor, bright lens and wide aperture, take sharp and vivid photos. The stars are aligned to capture your momenteperfecto with the camera of your galaxy s8 s8, not tie duninstantepara. You use the improved image processor, take multiple photos and combine the best of each in a high quality photo. All you have to do is apply on the trigger.

Enjoy the performance of the photo device of your galaxy s8 s8 - switching to pro mode. Offers an option to adjust one of six options: iso, shooting speed, manual focus, color, white balance and exposure. He puts it on what matters.

Selective focus mode, you will be able to capture the depth of field, after taking the photo, choose the approach we want: in the foreground, background or both. Your retina habits are unique and impossible to reproduce virtually. Which means, that retina authentication is one of the safest ways to keep your phone locked and protected.

Three ways to unlock your phone without complications. Life is much easier and simpler without problem having to remember more of a password in addition to the pin. And for this reason, s8 and galaxy s8 comes with three simple ways to unlock your phone. It ensures your information more intimate.

If you have files and applications that need to be private, save them to the secure folder. Once there, only you will be able to access it.

Preventive security system of samsung knox will keep you safe. For maximum intimacy, you also have the option to make the file securely visible only to you. Curious looks won't be a problem thanks to liris of your galaxy s8 and the s8 scanner.

Because there two irises are not equal, you and they are virtually impossible to reproduce, thanks to the diris analysis, you will be the only person who can see your phone number and your contents. And if you need to unlock it in record time, it uses facial recognition.

A new standard to improve the phone's performance. Home faster apps, longer battery life and reduces a20% in energy consumption. Galaxy s8 and s8 are faster and better performance, thanks to the 10 nm processor.

He's as effective as you are. Faster, even in the rain. You never stop using your mobile phone. Galaxy s8 and s8 are the first smartphones on the market to use a 10 nm processor.

In addition, you have the ability to increase your storage space, and thanks to ip68 certificate, they resist water and dust. Galaxy s8 and s8 - lte gigabit and wi-fi media. The wi-fi of the galaxy s8 and s8 1027-qam supports, getting more than 20% of the speed. Game led to another level. Your favorite games should reach another level when you play with the display without galaxy s8 frame and s8. With vulkan features, you'll have hours of immersive fun on your fingers with more intense graphics games. The fun for sound lovers: you can listen to music as it should because galaxy s8 and s8 has a high quality 32-bit pcm and dsd64/128 reproduction. In addition, the new included headphones not only offer an akg sound premium, as well as fit perfectly on your ears so that you are comfortable. Delete is an option, not a necessity. Save your files, photos and videos in your hand with an extendable memory of up to 256GB. You'll be able to use the galaxy s8 and s8 longer with each charge thanks to the better performance of the processor, which means greater efficiency in the use of battery life. And with the wireless charger and a fast charge, charge that battery is as simple and efficient. Wireless charger is as easy as leaving your phone. If you've been watching something on your phone, just take the charger. With quick charge of galaxy s8 and s8, you can have them in your hand very quickly. Plug in and load in one step.

With the galaxy s8 and the s8 charging cable, you can: usb type-c doesn't have different faces. Welcomes bixby / hello bixby. Bixby completely changes the way you interact with your mobile phone. It's a personal assistant who understands you when you talk, write or click, so you can communicate with him somehow, completely changing how to perform searches. Didn't even know how to ask it, just to show what you want through your smartphone's bixby camera.

Bixby will forever change your way to looking. Because you'll only have to open your camera or use an image to find results over time. If you want to know more about a product or place, want to find a restaurant near dou even to translate a document, just call bixby.

No more typing in a search engine. Galaxy s8 and s8 have been designed to be more than just a smartphone.

Its goal is to completely change the way you catch and see your life, whether in 360 degrees or through virtual reality, the way you pay and work outside the office. Galaxy s8 and s8, without limits. Change your smartphone, keep your memories.

From your photos and videos, your contacts and music, with smart switch you easily transfer your memories of your old phone to your new galaxy s8 and s8. Now that you know that all your memories will be with you, you can focus on creating new ones. Galaxy s8 and s8 have been created to be more accessible to everyone. Their wide range of technical solutions will be easier to get as much as possible to all the functions of your galaxy s8 s8. Keep your smartphone always charged and reveals your style through its carefully selected collection of accessories. Live unique experiences with your samsung galaxy s8.

Its screen is infinite, and we don't say it will see it for yourself as soon as you have it. Without edges or angles, with curvature on both sides and a ratio more than 80% of the screen, are faced with one of the most remarkable panels in the world and certainly the best that samsung has mounted on their mobiles.

As usual in the galaxy series. The screen is super amoled which gives us a bright, crisp and dynamic color. And has a format of 18.5: 9 , almost 2:1, which means that it is more than twice as high as wide, you pass you wait for test.

But if by screen sheet is exceptional, what will fall in love with you around the galaxy s8 is a single piece. The entire surface is smooth, with no opening or slot for the digital dempreintes drive, home button or similar. In addition, reaching the limit of mobile telephony and being bent, gives you the impression that merges with what slow. Generate an infinite screen effect. A window in another world holding in your hand.

In terms of size, this model was chosen by a 5.8-inch screen, which far from making the end result either a grotesque smartphone, we. Surprisingly, final dimensions this equality to other phones less than 5 inches.

And that you can manage in an easy and intuitive format with one hand. The interface is much cleaner than before, largely by the absence of physical buttons and because now. Samsung navigation menus are hidden. Although you can't see it, the start button is still there, click on it.

Elegance is the hallmark of the samsung s8. Symmetrical, neat, thin and light.

So we could describe the new high-end technology giant that also manages to integrate the body of the camera so that it does not exceed the slightest, accentuate, more if possible, the finesse of the device and offer a more stripped-down appearance from all angles. A unique one for an unmatched samsung s8 camera. Design-collected praises are transferred to artistic wear through a stunning camera that captures any situation any day, sunset or closed night. You have never seen, photos or videos so clear and so precise movement. Its 12-megapixel main mounted a samsung sensor with.

Focal aperture 1.7 f. The front-facing camera is just as powerful and has an 8-megapixel lens.

Fast and precise, you will not avoid any details, no gestures. Instantly searched for in photographs, videos and selfies thanks to the speed of this camera and the sensor system. Selfie mode activates the smart auto focus function designed specifically to recognize people's faces and that it is concentrated at all times. Forget already repeat more and more a photo so that everyone comes out well, with the s8 you'll do it at the first. Darkness is no challenge for this mobile device is capable of capturing up to the minimum brightness to apply to the photographs and come out perfectly sharp and clear, doing what you see on your screen is what you will see in the photo.

Only for experts, pro mode allows you to change your device's settings to fit to the millimeter. Liso, exposure, color, balance, speed and focus. Leuve safety pumps in the s8. Security and privacy are very important today, but it shouldn't be an obstacle to affecting our experience in front of a mobile too much.

Samsung took note of it and. The samsung galaxy s8 has integrated three very intuitive and functional ways to access our mobile.

Unlock the terminal with a doeil, fingerprint or face. Accessing all your contacts and conversations is easier and more dynamic than ever thanks to the multitude of options that need to be protected and open our samsung. Scanner liris read your retina habits to create an impossible-to-imitate didentification model, which makes this type of didentification, one of the safest in the world. The same goes for your face, the pattern created does unlock galaxy s8 when you go from the front.

Bixby is samsung's new virtual assistant. You command and she acts and learns. Completely change the way you interact with your mobile phone with advanced artificial intelligence from the s8, a personal assistant that is always there for everything you need.

When you talk, you type or click. Bixby is kept on the side to detect if you need your help. Uniquely meaning wireless cobra technology in this smartphone, which benefits from a wireless charge for the convenience of the user. And if you hurry, samsung fast charging allows you to enjoy hours and hours of autonomy with only 16 minutes of charging. The galaxy s8 is a beast.

On the more technical side, the octa core processor used is the most powerful on the market, which gives us a great transformation spreadsheet that makes it stand out in all kinds of applications and tasks, as well as the game is starting to bring it also in this platform. 4gb of ram, although other mobiles never have 6, is a round figure, since optimizing the 7.0 nougat android and samsung customization layer makes their performance superior to other devices.

Its 64GB of storage, a more than acceptable amount because we can also develop one. Up to 256 gb micro sd. The battery of the s8 sarticule around these 8 hours active decran giving us a battery life largely to last a whole day away from home, even with intensive use of mobile. So is the new samsung galaxy s8, waiting to enjoy it? Features of the galaxy s8 samsung.

Operating system 7.0 nougat android. 2.5 ghz octa core processor. Pantalla super amoled curve 5.8 inches 18.5: 9.

Internal memory (extendable up to 256gb via microsd) 64gb. 12mp dual pixel rear (f 1.7) - flash.

8mp front af (f 1.7). 2g: 1800, 1900, 850, 900 mhz. 3 g: 1700 / 2100, 1900, 2100, 900 mhz. 4g: 1700 / 2100, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2500, 2600, 700, 800, 850, 900 mhz. 5 bluetooth wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Gps, glonass, galileo and beidou. 68.1 mm dimensions x 148.9 mm x 8.0 mm. The item \"samsung galaxy s8 g950f free -guaranteed-bill-gift accessories\" is on sale since Thursday, November 22, 2018. It is in the category of \"telephony, mobility and mobile phones\". The seller is \"lulaury\" and is located in Malaga. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.
  1. color: black
  2. operator: free
  3. processor: eight cores
  4. sacterics: large capacity battery (500mah or more)
  5. coin number manufacturer: smg950fzkaphe
  6. model: samsung galaxy s8
  7. contract: free laptop
  8. connections: bluetooth, 4g, usb-c, nfc, gps, 2g, wi-fi, 3g
  9. internal memory: 64 gb
  10. factor form: bar
  11. type of memory card: microsd
  12. capacity storage: 64 gb
  13. frequency band: umts 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 mhz, gsm 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900mhz
  14. camera: 12 megapixel
  15. ram: 4 gb
  16. operating system: android
  17. mark: samsung
  18. screen size: 5.8\"
  19. type: free mobile
  20. ean: 8806088711249
  21. model number: g950f

Samsung Galaxy S8 G950f Free 'guarantee'bill'- Gift Accessories   Samsung Galaxy S8 G950f Free 'guarantee'bill'- Gift Accessories